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The Monk's Cellar's award winning, community focused Brewery and Beer Program starts with our owner and brewmaster Andy Klein's deep appreciation for the vibrant beer culture of Belgium. With more than 25 years of brewing experience, Andy began, as many do, by making beer at home. After several beer centric trips abroad, he decided to make brewing his career. He enrolled in the University of California at Davis Brewers Program and then went to work at Sacramento Brewing Company. One of the pioneering craft breweries in our region. With The Monk's Cellar, Andy's goal has been to bring all the best of craft beer to his hometown, by both sharing its history and embracing its future.

The Monk's Cellar strives to produce true-to-style, well-balanced beers, whether they be hop forward, barrel aged, soured, lagered, malty, or stout. Our seven-barrel brew house is capable of producing 300 plus gallons each time we brew. With a total capacity of around 1500 barrels a year. That's the equivalent of 46,500 gallons or 372,000 pints. While those sound like large numbers, they are actually kind of small in the brewing world. But being small means we brew more often than larger breweries, leading to more variety and fresher beer for the customer. While we employ all the modern brewing techniques, one of the unique features of our brewery is the use of an old-world style "open fermentation" tank. Allowing the yeast to do its work in a more natural environment and giving guests a chance to actually see the beer fermenting.

In its 8 years of operation, The Monk's Cellar has produced many award-winning beers. Including most recently earning 4 medals (2 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze) at the 2022 California Commercial Craft Beer Competition. Placing Monk's 3rd for Brewery of the Year, in one of the largest competitions in California.

Along with the beers brewed at Monk's, we offer a list of guest beers, both local and from around the world. All hand selected by our brewery staff.

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