Cellar Dweller Crowler Club

Monk's Cellar drink

Simply put If you or someone you love enjoys having fresh craft beer at home, The Monk's Cellar Crowler Club will save you some serious money. How much? From 25% up to more than 50% off the regular price of to-go beer.

How does it work? Each month you take home either two or four 32oz crowlers of your choice (you may substitute the equivalent volume of beer in 4-pack cans or growlers if available). Your membership will run for 12 consecutive months, starting with the month you sign up. Plus with each membership you get a limited edition club t-shirt. We design a new shirt every year that's only for club members.

Membership Levels and Pricing

24 Crowlers, two a month for the next 12 months, $200 ($8.33 per crowler)

48 Crowlers, four a month for the next 12 months, $325 ($6.77 per crowler)

Note: Regular priced crowlers start a $11 each and go up form there

Sign up and take your first crowlers home today or make someone's year by giving them the gift of craft beer. Memberships may be purchased online anytime or at Monk's during normal business hours. It only takes a minute.

Still have questions? Email us at cellardweller@monkscellar.com