The Monk's Cellar
2023 Whiskey Society

glass of whiskey
"Thanks to the founding members, who took a chance on us back in 2021, our idea to form a real community of whiskey loving folks has become a reality. And because of our members, the 2023 club is going to be better than ever." - Paul Gould, Partner The Monk's Cellar

What is The Monk's Cellar Whiskey Society? In short, it's a way to leverage our access to sample and purchase full barrels of whiskey (commonly referred to as a "barrel pick" or "private barrels") from some of the best distilleries for our members! A process that the average consumer can't do on their own. For the 2023 club we have secured some pretty exclusive barrels. Including ones from Blanton's, Spirit Works, & 1792 Bottle in Bond. Club barrel pick bottles are released once a quarter. But the club is not just about getting your hands on some cool, unique bottles. It's also about being part of the community. Through regular club events, barrel release parties, educational tastings, or just stopping by Monk's to enjoy a pour or two from your bottles, you'll get to know some truly great folks. Some of whom are just getting into whiskey, while others are seasoned collectors, but we are all connected by our common interest in learning about, sharing, and enjoying whiskey.


  • 1 bottle per barrel to enjoy at Monk's (have a neat pour, have a cocktail made, whenever you come in, at no extra charge).
  • 1 bottle per barrel to take home
  • 6 total bottles (prorated for the remaining 3 quarters of 2023)
  • All educational tasting events throughout the year are included
  • Angel's Share memberships may be split with another person
    • Cost: $750 (prorated).
    • Note: while for most members having a bottle at Monk's to enjoy/share drinks from is one of the best things about the club, you can take both of your bottles home at anytime.


  • Advance notice, before the general public, when allocated bottles are added to "Monk's Liquor Store"
  • Invitation to the club's year end member appreciation party
  • Member gift(s) (t-shirt, logo glassware, or similar)
  • Renew your membership before 2024 are opened to the general public.

If you have any questions or to inquire about membership availability email or stop by Monk's and talk to any of our bar staff.

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