Progress Report!

New welcome sign (still in progress, but you get a sense of how cool it's going to be).

Progress Report!

September 3, 2022

Still the same old Monk’s you know & love, just a little better!
Big thank you to our staff for all the hard work over the last week. Below you’ll find some pictures of the finished product and some of the work as it was being done.

New booth seating in the dining room.

Flowers on the patio railing.

Close up of the new plants on the patio.

Plants, plants and more plants.

It’s day 3 of our 7 day closure to “spruce up the place” and a lot has happened in a short time. The painters have been here everyday and should be wrapping up tomorrow. Some of the new plants were delivered, with many more to come. But it’s these new lager fermentation tanks we’re most excited about. They will increase our overall brewing capacity. Which means more beer and specifically more crisp lager style beers. Now we just have to get these 750lbs tanks into a room without a door big enough to fit them through.

REMINDER: We will reopen for normal business hours on Friday 9/9.

New Lager Fermentation Tanks being delivered.

The whole place is getting a fresh coat.

The first of many, many new plants.

Day 6 of our 7 day closure to “spruce the place up” and the major construction project is complete!!! We had to remove then rebuild a wall to get the lager fermentation tanks in place. It’s going to be a long last day, full of hundreds of little things, before we reopen on Friday!

How it looked when we started.

The whole in the wall was only about 1 inch wider than the tanks. Not a lot of clearance when you’re moving 750lbs.

New tanks are in place. We just have to hook up the plumbing.

It took 4 people to move the 7.5 foot wide and 6.5 foot high window.

The wall is back. Let’s make it look pretty again.

Little cleaning and touch up wood stain and it will be good as new again.