The Society FAQ Page

The Society FAQ Page

April 9, 2021

Angel’s Share Memberships:


How many bottles of whiskey do I get with the Angel’s Share Membership?
-10 total bottles, 2 each from the 5 different barrel picks we are doing for 2021.

Here’s some numbers based on the $1000 Angel’s Share membership cost:
– The per bottle cost works out to $100 each for 10 total barrel pick bottles.
– That’s a 20% savings off the cost of a $250 “Devil’s Cut” single barrel membership ($125 each for 2 bottles). We’re giving you a discount as a thank you for committing up front to all 5 barrel picks. Another way to think about it is for becoming an Angel’s Share member you are paying for 4 barrel picks and getting the 5th one free.
– Plus all the member perks (t-shirt, logo whiskey glass, bonus bottle, raffle entries, etc).

How does keeping a bottle behind the bar at Monk’s work?
– Your bottle, with your member number on it, will be kept on the shelf behind the bar for you to enjoy drinks from when you visit. There is no extra charge for drinking from your bottle, including mixers and having cocktails made.
– You are encouraged to share drinks from your bottle. And because your total cost of the bottle was $100 that means each drink from it only cost you $6. These types of whiskies paid for by the pour, at our bar, would be double or more that price.

Do I have to keep a bottle behind the bar at Monk’s?
– No, that’s up to you. From past barrel picks we’ve found that people really love having a bottle at Monk’s to enjoy & share, but you can take your bottle home at any time.

How long will I have to drink my bottle kept behind the bar?
– We’d like each bottle kept behind the bar to be used or taken home by the time the next barrel pick bottles arrive. We’ve spaced the barrel picks out to arrive 2 months apart. This is just a guideline to help with management of the total number of bottles behind the bar.

What does “Society Bonus Bottles” mean?
-With some barrels you may receive an extra bottle of whiskey with your 2 barrel pick bottles, depending on the final cost of the barrel pick bottles. Bonus bottles are not from the barrel pick.

How does the raffle work?
– Each time a new barrel arrives we will have a random drawing and one Society member will win a bottle from Monk’s collection. Members will be automatically entered (Angel’s Share member’s get 5 entries per drawing & Devil’s Cut members get 1).

Can I split my Angel’s Share membership with another person?
– Yes, you can. How you divide the cost, bottles & other perks is up to you. Second person can be listed on the account, so they can order drinks from any bottles kept behind the bar. There will be an additional charge for a 2nd t-shirt and/or logo glass if you’d like them.

If you have any further questions email

Memberships can be purchased from our Online Store or in person at Monk’s during normal business hours.

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